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New Construction - Incredibly Frustrated

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New Construction - Incredibly Frustrated



I have spent the past three months in an endless loop of communication with Comcast about getting a new line installed at my house. My neighbor has Xfinity and the poll with serivce is less than 350 feet from my house. Twice now, I have been told that a technician is coming to install the service and been assured that the installation will be able to happen. However, both times, when the tech gets there, they tell me it has to be "referred to construction." 


Since then, I've called everyday and each time I speak to a different person with a different answer. However, no one has been able to see a "construction ticket" open on my account. A few people have told me that "Nancy" has been assigned to my account and only she can help me, but no one knows how to reach her. It is incredibly frustrating and disappointing. We need the internet connection to work remotely during the covid-19 pandemic. The lack of follow up, confusing answers and slow response is unacceptable. I truly hope someone will see this and help me finally figure this out. 


Thank you.