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New Account - Trying to fix an incorrect APT number

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New Account - Trying to fix an incorrect APT number

I'm moving to a new place in a couple of weeks and opened an Xfinity account, the automatic address search on only showed the street address for the place and not the APT number so I didn't know it was incorrect until it was too late.  I have been trying to get this fixed, spoke with a representative on Monday (3/30) who was supposed to cancel my current order while I worked on getting the address fixed on the account.

The order is not canceled, still showing that it will be shipped to the incorrect address and that that is where the service will start effective April 14th.

I have also been unable to reach an agent to speak with on this since then, while I get there's a lot stuff going down right now with COVID-19, I am getting really sick and tired to getting the run around from the automatic system.