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Need to be informed of current construction/underground ticket to repair my connection from my house

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Need to be informed of current construction/underground ticket to repair my connection from my house

On the day of installation, the Home Security technician found that the Internet connection that was previously installed had failed.  The home phone was not connected.  When connected, it did not work properly.


After two months, 12 technicians and 2 supervisors later, I was told by a Comcast agent and a in-the-field service supervisor that the underground cable box in the lawn at the street curb was to be replaced.  That was over one month ago.  USA has painted many lines on the street and sidewalk a month ago.  Comcast came out and drilled an 18 inch hole in the top of the aforementioned underground box.  The cables and sandwich-sized connection box were pulled aboveground.  A stake was driven into the dirt and the cables and connection box are zip tied to it.  A light-green plastic cylinder was placed over the hole and cables.

The ComCast construction coordinator called me, said the workorder was invalidated.  Couldn't tell me why.  A ticket was created for a supervisor to call me.  That call was never made.  I called to followup.  I called two supervisors directly twice each.  No call back to date!          

The early termination date has been extended and noted in my account file as Nov. 28th.  I signed the ComCast subscriber agreement around Aug. 4th, three months ago.

I have spent 60 hours for technician visit time and repair time windows.  Plus at least 20 hours for several dozens of phone calls to ComCast.  Many of those calls were a followup by me to ask if promised repairs were made or reschedluled.

Thank you for offering this forum.  I do like the services ComCast offers.  Unfortunately, the offerings are not realized at my end.

ComCast has spent a huge amount of resources in technician, field supervisor, subcontractors and service agent time, including replacement of modems, connection boxes and underground cable.  Perhaps it is time for both of us to cut our losses and part ways.  I will make the decision to stay as a subscriber or to cancel while I can, without an early termination charge in the next few days.