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Need help with my bill/plan.

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Need help with my bill/plan.

I am currently paying $252 now that my promo has ended, and that is ridiculous. I've contacted support twice (online and on the phone) about getting a plan that fits me, but no one can find anything for me that is actually of value. I am forced to pay the extra $50 for unlimited because I consistently go over the cap before the month is up, so it's going to be a high bill regardless. The online person told me they can't help me and sent me to this number: 1-877-424-2028. I called and was on there for a good hour with someone that either didn't know what they were doing, or reading a script. I was offered my exact same plan as before, but at $216. I said that I wouldn't mind lowering the internet speed if it meant that I'd get a bigger discount (I don't want to pay $216 if i was paying $211 before this), so I'm then offered $205 for 100Mbps instead of $216 for 400Mbps+. Like, what? Can I please get some assistance with this, I don't know who to contact for something that is actually useful and not just trying to upsell me. All I want is the Latino package and decent speeds at a fair price, man.

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Re: Need help with my bill/plan.

Hello, JuanRazo, thank you for reaching out here on the forums! I would be happy to help take a look at the account with you to see what new deals are available. I get the importance of having a manageable bill. To get started, please send me a PM with your first and last name. 

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