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Need help switching plans

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Need help switching plans


I am hoping ComcastZach or another admin can help me switch to a plan that is usually only available to new customers. I have been with Comcast for 3 years now and would like to continue doing business with you, provided you can offer this plan to me. It's a shame how Comcast reserves this special pricing to new customers, but does not offer any value to existing customers.


I've tried creating a private message, but am taken to a page where it seems like something is missing. When I go message a forum user, there are no fields for me to enter information in to. Perhaps someone must send me a message first? An image of the plan I am interested is attached below.


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Re: Need help switching plans

I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread. 

I am not a Comcast employee, just a moderator. Pls observe Wheaton's Law.
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Re: Need help switching plans

Hi, shane_sea - Please do not send messages to moderators directly without a request in the future. It's a violation of our Forums Policy and Guidelines. I can assist you with your billing request and will reply back in PM. Thank you.