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Need help -- horrible experience trying to downgrade service

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Need help -- horrible experience trying to downgrade service

Hello -

I'm hoping a Comcast employee can help me with my issue.  I am extremely frustrated and unhappy at the moment.


We have been Comcast customers for a long time.  We had a package deal with Digital Preferred Cable, Performance Pro internet, and unlimited phone for 24 months.  That just ended and our bill went up $25 a month.  (Nevermind that our bill went up $17 per month during the contract due to "broadcast fee" and "regional sports fee"... That is a whole other issue.)  I contacted Comcast via chat and asked to downgrade our package.  After some back and forth, I was offered a package with Digital Starter cable, and I was told the SAME internet and phone.  It is a 12-month contract that saves me $50 a month, so I signed up.


The first sign that something was wrong is when I started getting anonymous calls on our home (Comcast) phone.  I wondered why our anonymous call blocking wasn't working.  Then I realized our voicemail wasn't working, either.  I contacted Comcast support about the voicemail issue.  It was then that I was told, "You are no longer on a phone package with voicemail.  You are on the basic phone package."  Excuse me???  I told the new agent I was sold this package with the same level of phone service.  He said he could sign me up for that plan -- the cost would end up being almost the same as what we were paying before, excpet before we had digital preferred cable.

This is a bait-and-switch pure and simple.  Yes, I agreed to the new plan but only under the promise that the internet and phone were at the same level.  So now we have reduced cable and reduced phone and I am stuck with this plan for a year (unless I want to pay significantly more).  It is unacceptable to have customer service agents who are either unaware at best, or actively being deceitful at worst.  Why is it so hard to just get a package that gives me what I want?  It sure feels like Comcast goes out of their way to trick customers into signing up for package deals that in the end aren't what they want.  In reading this board and other forums online, I am certainly no alone in experiencing issues like this.

I am really hoping one of the Comcast reps on this board can contact me so I can try and resolve this issue.  Thank you in advance for your help.



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Re: Need help -- horrible experience trying to downgrade service

I can certainly check and see what we have to offer, can you verify your account with me? To protect the privacy of your account, can you provide your full name, street address including city, state, and zip code (and apartment number if one is associated), and the full account number or phone number associated with your services. To send a private message click on my name, then click private message me.

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