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Need help downgrading service.

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Need help downgrading service.

We cannot afford Comcast anymore. Need to downgrade, but keep internet.

Our rates went up by about $30, and we can no longer afford the current plan especially since we aslo have a new baby. I have tried chatting with customer support to downgrade but the only option I was given is still higher than our previous bill. We have neighbors literally next door in our same apartment complex who have run into the same issue last month and were able to downgrade to a much cheaper plan at a lower rate (they said it was listed as a "starter" kit or something).


I want to:

1) Begin process to return my comcast equipment; I have purchased my own. Please provide list of all rental items that you have associated with my account.

2) Remove all cable service (we do not have a TV).

3) Reduce to basic internet package with 25Mbps  download or lower (even 15Mbps) internet.


Please help us with a downgrade offer. We would rather not have to rely on our phones as hotspots but at these prices we are being pushed out of being able to afford basic internet services. Thank you to anyone who can help.





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Re: Need help downgrading service.

Hi sophiawbuckner, I can assist in going over current promotions with you and see what we can do to help reduce your monthly bill.  To get started, please send me a private message with your full name and phone number.


Thank you 

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