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Need help, Xfinity says I removed a tv box, but didn't

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Need help, Xfinity says I removed a tv box, but didn't

Hoping an admin or tech person can help me resolve this.  Spent the entire day in chat and waiting for people to answer the phone...  but no success.  Apparently, through some error, one of my boxes showed up as removed from my account in July of last year.  Now the box won't work.  All I want to do is correct the error and put the box back on my account.  But no one can help me.  First chat said I had to return the box and they would order a new one.  Then the chat failed.  Called customer service and they tried to order a new box but it wouldn't let them because apparently I haven't returned the other one, which I am fully aware of.  All I want to do is give someone the SN of my box so they can put it back on my account and correct whatever error happened.  The last call, they switched me to tech services, but I couldn't stand the wait.  Help me Xfinity.

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Re: Need help, Xfinity says I removed a tv box, but didn't

Good morning, jpen2007. We want to help! We can assist you in getting the situation with your cable box ironed out. To start, please send me a private message with your first and last name. We will continue from there.


To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastMorgan" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.


Thank you!

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