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Need help Changing services

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Need help Changing services

Changing services
I am in a 2 year contract and was locked into it on false pretenses that I could change my services later and also cancel my service if I was unhappy with it with no cancelation fees, because I didn't want to get into a contract for that exact reason.
But the xfinity rep I was dealing with told me that I was in luck starting last year as of Jan 2018 there was no longer a cancelation fee on their contracts so I took the deal he was selling me but now I want to see what other deals there is because someone else I know has xfinity with the same TV package as me and faster internet and I'm paying almost $80 more than them and so I don't think I'm getting the best deal I could get and my local xfinity office rep is now telling me he can't help me and that I can't make any changes to my services and the only option I have is to cancel the services and pay the almost $250 cancelation fee.

Now I don't know about anyone else but that does not sound like someone who works for xfinity I've had xfinity services for awhile and have always told everyone they are the best and customer service is top of the line but that was definitely the worst experience I've had dealing with a rep normally I deal with my problems with a online chat rep and they always help me with no issues.

So I just would like some options as I don't want to cancel but I also don't want to keep over paying for less services when I can get a better deal somewhere else.