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Need advice on consolidating services under Comcast

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Need advice on consolidating services under Comcast

I currently have Comcast for internet only (since 2014)... Perfermance Select 100Mbps and have been pleased with it. For telephone, I'm still using an old AT&T twisted pair landline that I've had for 40 years. For TV, I've been with Dish for 13 years. I've been looking at consilidating the services and planning out wiring issues I need to consider.


It seems a no-brainer to get rid of the old landline. I was more certain about the TV until I went into a Comcast store and discussed the options. I really like the large DVR storage on Dish and Comcast has only a fraction of that with no capability to increase it under the X1. This has made me hesitant.


For internet, I have my own SB6141 modem. I fully intend to keep using my own modem and router. I realize that for voice I would need to upgrade the modem. I'm looking at the Arris SBV2402 or Arris SBV3202. Is there any good reason I should consider the SBV3202 over the less expensive SBV2402?


I'm currently thinking the best way to move forward is to immediately replace the modem just to get that running and make sure the device is working. What is the process I need to follow to make that switch? After that's running I could add the voice capability. My understanding is that as long as I completely disconnect AT&T from the house wiring, I can run a simple phone connection from the modem to a wall phone outlet and then all my home phones would work. Is this correct? Any caveats?


My latest 2 year Dish contract period ends in about 6 weeks, so I can then try to make a decision as to whether to go with Comcast TV or stick with Dish, which probably will mean another two years to get a better price.


Any other thoughts?


Thanks to all here.