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Need a professional installer

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Need a professional installer

I just moved into a freshly rennovated condo and have been trying to get the internet hooked up. The place has been wired, throughout, with coax and cat5, but two Comcast technicians have come and gone, unable to get a line from the outside world to feed in to the place.


I briefly exchanged emails with the contractor who insisted that the coax junction box is here:

image1_jpeg.pngCoax Junction

...which is off the side of my deck on my wall.


The box is not easy to get to, requiring something like a 16ft ladder, and it's also not as conveniently located to the other coax lines compared to the other 11 units in the building.



Neither one of Comcast tech's that came out really gave me a good idea of what needs to be done to run a line to the apartment beyond calling the contractor and generally conveying a message of "What The Fiddlesticks were you thinking"?


I don't know the location of the main line that comes in from the outside world is, butt I think it's somewhere near the garages on the bottom level. I've never had a tech show me because I've always had to hold the door to the building open.


I think I need someone who can run a line up the corners of the building and across the roofs (like the cables for the neighboring units and buildings), but it doesn't seem like the technicians that come out to hook up the cable are keen to do this.


How should I proceed with getting my unit wired for internet, thus delivering me from a world of isolation and various useless "smart" amenities? Is there something I need to do? Does this fall under the purview of "professional installation?" Should I just keep scheduling professional installation appointments until I get someone with a 16ft ladder and a sense of adventure?


Thanks for any help!