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Need Comcast to move their MAIN cable to new pole - old damaged pole being removed.

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Need Comcast to move their MAIN cable to new pole - old damaged pole being removed.

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Wires on pole on street in front of my house need to be moved to NEW pole located 100 feet away. THis is not the service line to my is the MAIN pole and lines running down street. Neighbors said it was damaged by lightning a couple years ago and top was removed and I feel its dangerous to be so close to my house....... There is now half a pole with only comcast service on it left. I need it removed. I cant build a fence until this is finished, because Georgia Power has to pull out the old pole first. By the way, I PAID $3,000 to Georgia Power to remove this pole. THey are waiting for Comcast!

Someone PLEASE HELP ME! I have explained this situation to CS at least a dozen or more times and several times they have PROMISED they understood what I was saying and scheduled "construction" to move the lines from OLD pole in front of m,y house to the NEW pole that is situated between my house and the neighbors. Each time a confused tech showed up with a LADDER and had to leave. I have even seen these techs on their phone with "construction" explaining the details and afterwards being PROMISED they would get it right the next time, but then I',m ignored or put on hold or another guy with ladder shows up. This needs to be done with a bucket truck as if it wewre a pole that was down and lines were being put into newly placed pole. AT&T and Georgia Power have already done their part! They cannot remove old pole until Comcast Xfinity gets theirs moved! This is going on almost 2 years. 

Last time I spoke to customer servce regarding this, the supervisor left me on hold for 2 HOURS! I think he was punishing me for telling him he was giving me inacurate information! Can someone review that last call to customer service. He told me Comcast needed a Govt Permit and wouldnt spend the money on my problem. . I have a screen shot of this phone calls length. This sort of behavior is unacceptable, especially considering your company have been paid TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars in services by us through the years. I'm considering cancelling comcast as a result. I'm trying to get help here and I'm beyond frustrated.