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My disppeared order

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My disppeared order

I have placed an order 10 days ago. As a new customer, I can have a plan as 29.99/mo for internet. Few days later I found that I may take over the account from my previous tenant. So I asked the online agent to cancel my tech. installation and add wifi rental to my plan. Because I may to do the reassignment, the agent told me to go to the xfinity store to do so. But when I got to the store they told me, they do not know about the reassignment. What can I do is to place an order by myself. It's OK. In my opinion, my order is still there. But the agent at the store told me they can not find my order. Then I come to the online agent again. After talking with 2 representatives and a supervisor, I finally figured it out. My order has been cancelled when I cancel my tech. installation without inform me. When I have place my order again, I can not place thet new customer promotion anymore. I am soooo confused. After a 3 hours conmunication, they give me a new customer ID and let me go to the store again to restore my ID and place an order as a new customer. But when I go to the store once again, the agent at the store can not use the ID again. Then I have to place an order without an new customer promotion. But actually I am a brand new customer.

It is a terrible experience to go to the store twice in such a really hot summer day. And talk with the agent day by day, hours by hours. It waste me a lot of time. I don't think it is my problem but I have to pay my money and time for it. Is the online and the store a totally different system? I think this will not happen if the agent inform me about the order will be cancelled too. It gives me a really terrible experience.

Is there anyone can help me with this?