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My Package Has Changed Dramatically!

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My Package Has Changed Dramatically!

The entire reason and scope of why I originally signed up with Xfinity has now changed. I signed up with a movie package. I now have hardly any movies! With each passing day, movies are disappearing or becoming an on demand service which is tedious and time consuming. I just want to point and click. Not point and painfully search through a system that takes an enormous amount of time to sift through. My movie channels have been replaced with a second rate group of channels that pale in comparison to what I had. Worse is that the price for my package has not changed and remains too high for a mediocre group of channels. I could understand it if I got something of value in return, but I just don't see the value. There is no justification. It is now time to move on to another carrier or go without. My complaints with Xfinity just seem to fall on deaf ears! Thanks Xfinity for successfully making me dislike you and your service!

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Re: My Package Has Changed Dramatically!

I hear you!!!  Just posted an almost identical complaint.   Lets hope someone out there makes the time and effort to address this quickly and fairly.