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My Internet Is Now Terrible

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My Internet Is Now Terrible

I spent 2 hours on the phone with Xfinity Customer Service only to be given no help and to be told that I was wrong about how slow my internet is. My internet has been fine for almost 2 years and I haven't complained once about my bill doubling after the first year. I rent the Gateway every month (because it's supposed to "gel" best with their internet) and in the last few months, my home internet has dropped in speed, been unable to stream content and has flat out just broken and left me without wifi for sometimes hours at a time. 

That being said, I am canceling my internet with Xfinity due to complete lack of helpfulness expressed by the Customer Service. Not one solution was offered to me and instead, they tried to upsell me to buy a more expensive package.

I simply want my internet to work as it used to and I refuse to pay premium money for the worst customer service in the industry ON TOP OF terrible internet. 

What is the fastest possible way to cancel my internet and not pay Xfinity another dollar?

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Re: My Internet Is Now Terrible

Hello @bldooley42, thanks for reaching out to our Forums! I offer my deepest apologies for the delay in response and your experience with us around your internet connection concern. We definitely do not want to lose you as a customer and I would love to assist you with this concern. Can you please send a private message including the full name as it appears on the account and your full name if different?


To send a Private Message, please click “Comcast_Support” and click “send a message. 

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