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Multiple issues in account

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Multiple issues in account

1. Showing two modems in My Account app.

- I have an appointment set for tomorrow where an Xfinity tech is supposed to come by and drop off the XB7 modem. Was thinking the 2nd modem listed in My Account is probably the XB7 place holder but the model number showing for the 2nd modem is an XB6 TCG3482G with a unique serial.

2. Error when trying to turn off home hotspot. (Suspect it’s has something to do with issue 1)

- Tried on the web and the my account app.

3. New TV tab showing but do not subscribe to any TV services.

- TV Tab started showing once the appointment was made for the XB7 upgrade. The appointment email listed a Xfinity TV service for $2.26 Not sure what’s going on but I didn’t sign up for tv service and should only be on gig service for $70 and Xfi Advantage for $25. $95 total monthly and not $112.