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Moving soon

Hi , i just wonder if what to do if I be moving to another state with subscription with you , or should i just need or call to update my state in my address ,if need to continue with xfinity?
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Re: Moving soon

I moved from Illinois to Vermont and my Comcast service was moved seamlessly.  You have to confirm that your new location has Comcast service.  I scheduled my service move online, but also called in to 800-COMCAST periodically to ensure everything was on track.  On my moving day, I had scheduled that as my last day of service, and unplugged my device(s) and took them to the local Xfinity store.  I picked up my new device(s) for my new location and carried them with me in my moving truck.  When I got to my new home, I had scheduled my service start up for that day.  I plugged in my modem and TV Box and voila! everything came online fine.  You need to make sure your new location has service, schedule your stop and start dates, ensure what to do with your old equipment and how to get your new equipment.  A/Many phone call(s) to Comcast should ensure a smooth transition, although not all moves have been as smooth as mine as described in some threads.

Joe V
(not a Comcast employee, just another paying customer)