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Moving service

I Have Xfinity business and am trying to move service across the street to my new location that already has a comcast pedastal on site and is wired.  When I tried calling a week and a half ago to move service, I was told that the construction department would have to review.  I have made multiple contacts with business reps and the construction department only to be told I should be hearing from someone soon about my construction.  I have repeatedly explained that our lot already has comcast and does not need construction, but I keep hearing the same thing.  Although I have seen a comcast truck at my current location servicing other customers, no one from comcast has gone to my new location after a week and half.  All I want to do is maintain my phone and internet service with comcast at my new location, but can't seem to get anywhere. 


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You'll want to post on the Business Class forums:

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