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Moving. Do I need a new Modem? Will one be sent?

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Moving. Do I need a new Modem? Will one be sent?

I'm moving. I set up the new address and a self install kit is coming this Saturday on May 2nd, but I had chosen to use my own modem in the option instead of choosing a new Gateway. I thought this meant that I'd just use my previous comcast modem that I had at my old address, but the website said I would have to send back the previous modem within 10 days to avoid being charged? Is the self install kit going to come with a new one, even though I selected the use my own option? I'm just a bit confused about that.

I have the previous modem plugged up and am getting internet through it currently at the new address without any problems, so do I keep it? Should I wait to get the self install kit to see if one comes with it, and if not call comcast support to have the old (current) modem I'm using switched over onto my account to continue leasing it?


Any answers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for what all you support people do.