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Moved but new address isn't mine and has different name

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Moved but new address isn't mine and has different name


I recently moved to a new apartment within the same city and my internet was successfully transferred. When I logged into my account though I see two accounts (which was expected), one my old address and the second was an address in a completely different city and under a different persons name. How is this possible? I do not know this person or this address. I have never lived the that state and have never shared my login information with anyone.

I’ve contacted Xfinity several times to resolve this issue and the last phone call I made took over an hour, where the issue was “escalated” two times and I was eventually told that I would get a call in the next 24-72 hours. I did not receive this call and my account page has not changed.

What are my options here? I do not want to pay for someone else’s internet in addition to mine and mostly I would like to have access to see my account information so I know what my bills will be and have control to change any of my services.

Maybe my best bet is to cancel my service and then start a new account?


My other major concern is that I have access to this other persons personal information. Does this mean that he or possible someone else has MY personal information? This may be a legal issue if my account and personal information is floating around in other people's accounts.


Thank you for any suggestions.