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Modem won’t activate

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Modem won’t activate

So I am leasing a modem from Comcast and I paid to do the self install.... that did not work so I spent 2 days on the phone with CS reps. They said that technicians had to finish job outside my house at the “pole” so I tried to connect/activate again with no such luck. So I called again and have to have a technician come out.
1. Am I being charged for this technician to come out?
2. I keep reading about so many others having issues with own personal modems, but I got mine form Comcast.... so what is the deal?
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Re: Modem won’t activate


Hello Jipsy6999, a self-install kit can only work if your services are connected at the pole. If your services are not connected at the pole a tech is required to come out and activate services which also includes an installation charge. Please let me know if you need assistance scheduling a tech to come out and complete your install.