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Modem Issue

I had a prepaid plan, and about 2 weeks ago I switched to a postpaid plan. (The prepaid plan ends on May 5.)

I disconnected the prepaid modem and activated the post-paid modem Internet works at paid-for speed.

I then disconnected the postpaid modem, and activated my personally owned modem. Internet works at paid-for speed.

Issue: The prepaid modem and my owned modem as were showing as activated. Currently, only the prepaid modem is showing as activated. The postpaid modem nor my owned modem is on my postpaid account.

I want to return the postpaid router to not pay the rental fee, but since it is not activated on my account I can not. Trying to reactivate the postpaid router does nothing.

How am I able to return the postpaid router? (It would be nice to have my own modem shown on my postpaid account, but really don't care as long as I get the internet speed I am paying for).