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Missing equipment and multiple accounts management

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Missing equipment and multiple accounts management

I have over 20 accounts with Comcast and there is no way for me to manage the account in one place. Each account requires a unique email address and a phone number that I do not have. You previously allow usernames and password but they are no longer possible to set up an account that way. I had to resort to calling customer service and right now you don't even have a single agent answering the phone. All calls get looped back to the automated system.


Some of my accounts are linked in a single login but I need them all linked together.


I also need help with my equipment, I recently had to make a change on all my account and Comcast suppose to ship me new equipment but I got most Routers but none of the STBs. There is no tracking info available online and when I managed to get a hold of your agent yesterday, it took her two hours to try to figure out one STB what was supposed to be dropped off yesterday but nothing arrived. I need the status of the rest of the equipment since I'll run into the 30-day limit to return the old equipment.