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Messy Installation

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Messy Installation

So I have not said anything about this since the installation back in May 2019.

But for reasons I can’t remember, the install tech insisted I needed some sort of electric powered booster thing installed in my outside wall box. The box and cover weren’t big enough to cover it.

Tech said as long as the cover shields the wires from the weather it’s no concern.

It looks unkept and it is unsightly. Not to mention annoying.

On top of that I have to have it plugged into my electric outlet and I do not get any credit from Xfinity for using my electricity because they have poor signal.

Poor signal?
I have a fiber junction box less than 100 ft away from me. It was confirmed to be the box I get feed from.

So I pay for electricity to support their equipment. I am left wires protruding out from the outside wall box and a cover that won’t cover because their equipment won’t fit inside it.

The tech said that he would have to have my entire house completely rewired to update the coax cable if I didn’t use the booster box.


I never really have it much thought. But every time I am on my back deck I see the box.

It is hidden by a table or I am sure my HOA would notice it too. If Xfinity won’t credit me for my electricity powering their equipment, I am sure they wouldn’t pay my HOA fine either.

And I was told I could not run the coax to any equipment via my UPS battery’s surge protection because it “filters” to much signal and causes the signal to be interrupted.

Guess fried equipment is a better option.

The techs seem to be overbooked, overworked and in too much of a hurry. It was like the end of the world when I asked the tech to do a signal test to be sure I was going to get what I was paying HUNDREDS of dollars a month for.