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Low speeds ,random disconnects, and lying comcast employees

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Low speeds ,random disconnects, and lying comcast employees

I am supposed to be getting like 200 Mb. I understand not hitting that all the time but ever since last month I have constantly been getting randoim disconnects, bad ping jitter, and super low speeds. They called someone out here to test it out and he said the underground line needed to be changed. He said it had a lot of noise and probably was damaged. I understand my modem/router is only rated to 172 Mb, but I am gwetting speeds at the time at like 32 Mb. What am I paying so much money for per a month????


A week passed with  no advancements on my phone so I called again ont he phone and got a partial balance for the time I was having issues. SHe said she would schedule it again. Another week passes I call yet again. The guy on the phone tells me that they never even started the paper work basically to get the undergorund line changed. He confirms to me it will be today that it would be done starting at 8:00 AM because he said its gonna be a like 12 hour job. I get home from work and there is no one here. I understand some delays but I have received nothing on its being pushed bakc or anything.


I am super tired of this cat and mosue game. My whole month should ahve been free at this point I shouldn't have paid you a single cent, and you have lying employees literally not even helpoing resolve my issue.


WHY AM I PAYING YOU IF YOU ARE GONNA TREAT ME THIS WAY!!! I am literally calling you all right now ITS OVER. Me being nice and patient and understanding is over. I gave you 3 times to resolve my issue.