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Low hanging lines

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Low hanging lines

About a month ago, there was a utility truck replacing a cable that runs through my backyard. The truck they arrived in had a sign on it that they were a subcontractor of Comcast. Anyway after they replaced the cable, there was two other smaller lines left very low. Ones is 4 ft and second is at 6 ft. I called in for a service call and the man that came out said they weren’t finished, and when they were, the low hanging lines would be fixed. A few days later, original crew finished replacing the cable, and the low lines are still there. Requested service call again. Young man from Comcast came out and said, those aren’t our lines she couldn’t touch someone else’s lines. Getting a little frustrated!!
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Re: Low hanging lines

I'm sorry for the overall experience. I understand it's a frustrating experience to have to repeatedly reach out about the same issue. I would like to work with our local team leaders to get the final answer and confirm ownership of lines. Can you take a picture of low hanging lines that you are seeing?  -AD 

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