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Lost equipment

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Lost equipment

What is the cost for lost dta device?
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Re: Lost equipment



Equipment Type Unreturned Equipment Charge
Xfinity TV Equipment
X1 Cloud DVR $200.00
X1 Service to Additional TV Converter* $120.00
DVR* $200.00
HD Converter* $120.00
SD (Digital) Converter $120.00
HD TV Adapter $50.00
SD TV Adapter No charge
Xfinity Internet Equipment
Wireless Gateway $100.00
Universal Gateway $160.00
Commercial Router $110.00
Xfinity Voice Equipment
Commercial Trunking Device $780.00
Xfinity Home Equipment
Touchscreen Controller $250.00
Hub There is no charge for an unreturned Hub. The only time a customer is required to return the Hub is to invoke the Policy of the Xfinity Customer Commitment. Otherwise, the customer owns the Hub.

*Price includes CableCARD