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Losing my mind

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Losing my mind

Have been trying for MONTHS to get help with the TV. I have 2 smaller TVs that are getting programming just fine. This one is bigger, connected to the bigger box, doesn't work. In May a tech came out and said it was an issue on Comcast's end and they would be "working in the area" to fix it. Still nothing. In June two different techs came out. One changed the source of the cable from one outlet to another (leaving a huge cable running across the living room, didn't even bother trying to give me more cable to run it along the walls). He did something outside. He was cussing the whole time, got in an argument with his boss on the phone in front of me, no PPE, rude. He said I needed a new box and replaced it. Still nothing so he "upgraded" the tech call. Two weeks later another guy came. Said the box wasn't new but was refurbished. He at least got the picture on the screen but with error message XRE00021. Gave me a different remote. Still nothing. Said it was an issue outside. Guy came to the pole on my street the next week, still nothing. He scheduled another tech appointment for TODAY JULY 8 and this showed in my Comcast account online.  No one has come, and when I logged in to see my appointments now it says I don't have any scheduled!?!?! I called the 800 number and same thing, says no appointments scheduled! I requested the option for an agent to call, that was 9:00 AM this morning so it has been over six hours. In the meantime I am paying for a new box when I got a refurbished one, a TV I can't use, slow internet that was never addressed, AND MY <Edited> APPOINTMENT WAS CANCELLED WITHOUT ANYONE CONSULTING ME and of course NOW I CAN'T GET THROUGH TO A LIVE PERSON TO GET HELP. So here is my situation. Unless someone here has a better idea, I am CANCELLING COMCAST effective the next billing cycle and going with a dish. I hate satellite but at this point anything is better than <Edited>. Thank you for reading.


Re: Losing my mind

I have escalated your issue to the Comcast Team available to these forums. Check back often for a reply in this thread from a Comcast Official Employee.

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