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Locked out

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Locked out

I have an elderly friend. About a month ago she stopped receiving emails in her Comcast account. She is now unable to send or receive emails or connect with the internet. This may have been triggered because she missed an automatic payment in January.


The details of that payment interruption might be relevant. Her credit card expired and was renewed by the issuer with a new account number. Comcast was able to match her December payment to her old card number, but apparently that convenience expires after some months. She paid the whole arrears yesterday by credit card. I don't know whether she ever informed Comcast of the new card number, but by yesterday, when she made her payment by phone, Comcast had her new card number.


She is not able to accomplish anything through My Account because it does not recognize: 1) her email address, 2) her records of her Xfinity ID, 3) her telephone number (phone service through Comcast), or 4) her SSN. Her cell phone -- inclued in her Comcast contarct -- still works and has worked continuously for calls both in and out.


So far, I have spent hours trying to find a way into her account and have visited the local Xfinity store. No one can suggest anything other than "go to My Account". I don't thik she can even cancel her account without going through My Account." What does she do now? Are any real people available by phone?


If you have read this far, thanks.



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Re: Locked out

Hi @TedKe

I am disappointed to hear about your friend’s recent experience with her account. this is never the experience we want for any of our customers. I appreciate you so much for not only bringing this to our attention but also for helping her out! She is always able to call in our customer service line or she can make her own forums post like you did and we would be happy to help her get everything with her account resolved! We look forward to working with her soon! If you are listed on her account as an authorized user, we would also be happy to continue working with you! 

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