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Large Length of Outage - Requesting Refund

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Large Length of Outage - Requesting Refund

To Whom it may concern,


I am writing this to request a refund for a large length of outage in my Internet service.


Starting back from the time of service installation, I noticed large amounts of network drops, lack of Internet speeds, etc. At the time, I wasn't using much bandwidth and didn't require to have great connections for what I was doing. 


In the months of 10/2018-11/2018, I started doing much of my work from my home office. This is the time that I noticed SIGNIFICANT lack of speeds and drops in my Internet. I constantly had losses in both wifi signals and hard wired connections. At this time, I began to explore a solution to the problem. I called many times over to Comcast support in order to find a fix. Most of my calls consisted of "We will send a refresh signal", or "Lets unplug the power from the modem, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in." None of these solutions helped. I had Comcast representatives send technicians out to my house MANY times to negate the problem, most of which, no luck. 


Things I tried to do to fix the problem:

1. Technician came out; New drop was put in, new amplifier installed, new line inside home from the amplifier to the modem. 

Result: No Fix

2. I purchased a new Nighthawk router thinking maybe there was a problem with equipment.

Result: No Fix

3. I purchased a new Nighthawk modem to go with the nighthawk router, which in turn led to needing another technician to come out and re-sync my home security due to not pairing with the new router and modem. They installed a "side car router" in my setup for the security cameras to sync. 

Result: No Fix

4. At this point, another technician came out (along with a supervisor) to attempt fixing the problem yet again. They took readings, checked signals, etc. (at this point, every test with their equipment turned out to look normal.) 

5. I called again about the same issues. We scheduled another technician to come to the house. This time, the technician showed up with Internet tech, supervisor, and a home security tech. This is when I decided to remove the Nighthawk equipment from the setup and return the the originally installed XB6. They took readings again, checked cables, amps, etc. 

Result: No Fix

6. Another call to tech support, and yet another tech sent out. Readings were again taken, and still no progression on a fix. At this point, I had brought the tech inside to show him the constant drops in service. I ran continuous ping traces to show the MULTIPLE drops in just minutes of service. We then decided to bypass ALL wiring inside and out of the house and ran a line straight from the service pedestal to the modem itself... Again, multiple drops. The technician then advised to have a Network Technician come out to the property. Now, I was not home at the time the Network Tech was supposed to arrive, but nonetheless, by the end of that day...

Result: No Fix

7. The next morning after running the line from the pedestal to the modem, I received a call from the technician that was here the day before, explaining that the network team found "a bad network card in the back office" and that it had either been fixed already or would be fixed some time that day. 

I waited a little while for things to be fixed and I again ran continuous ping traces to identify if the problem was solved. BEHOLD!! IT WAS FINALLY FIXED!! No more drops in service. 

8. At this very point of me writing this however, my security camera still disconnects multiple times a day and is not properly working. I was advised that Comcast could, at no charge, give me a MoCA adapter to give the camera a hardwired connection which still has not happened.


Things I stated to representatives when calling in throughout the whole attempting to fix things....

"My router is showing constant T3 and T4 timeouts."

"I would like a network technician to come out and check for problems before the pedestal."

"I cannot keep any of my devices connected to the Internet, hardwired with LAN cable or Wifi."


This interrupted service has been since the time I set up service at this address, however, I did not start continuously calling until the above stated months around 10/2018-11/2018. This problem didn't even get fixed until 9/2019!!! There was almost an entire year of documented problems with my Internet that I had continuously called in about to fix. 


Since the fix, I called in to talk to a representative about a bill credit for all these months of interrupted service. At the time of speaking with the rep, he advised me that all he could offer at that moment is a insignificant amount of monetary value. I am very displeased with the offer that was given and certainly should not settle for that. I am spending a large amount of money on my service every single month. My bill is always paid. I need someone to contact me about this issue and offer a REAL settlement for the interrupted service. I have, for now, refrained from writing reviews with the BBB and other places, but I will need someone to contact me in short order to deal with the issue.


I do want to point out however, that the techs that were sent out were outstanding. They listened to all my issues and did the best they could do to fix the service interruptions. I do not have a single complaint about the techs that arrived to help fix the problem.