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Lack of Customer Service

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Lack of Customer Service

Why can I not speak to a person at Customer Service? Why cannot Comcast do their job when they schedule a date?

Right now I am very upset with trying to call Xfinity.  I cannot speak personally with a technician.  I have spent 20 minutes calling and recalling to get in touch with an agent.   

My issue is Comcast failed to finish work at my house <Edited>.  I have had four dates of burying my cable.  As of today it has not been buried.  I have been trying to get the cable buried since the last part of January. This tells me Comcast does not care about it customers.  I have been a customer for over 15 years and this is the service I get.

If the cable does not get buried it is subject to being destroyed, either by a lawn tractor or vehicles driving over the cable. 

If this is the best Comcast has to offer it is pretty poor performance. And if Comcast does not care about its equipment so be it.  I will in the future tell people not use Comcast do to the lack of service support if they need it.  Also if they try to call Comcast they will never speak to anyone.

I would like to speak to a person!


William <Edited>