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LIED to from xfinity

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LIED to from xfinity

I was LIED to from the start of my service. I'm disabled and receive my check on the 3rd of each month. They connected me on December 2nd and informed them about my pay cycle before that day. On January 3rd I made a payment for the amount due. After that date another $35 was added and due by the 28th. If I was aware of the charges on the first of January I would have paid it. Now I got to pay an extra $10 late payment for xfinity LYING to me from the start. I would have waited on the connection to begin with. I'm doing my best to keep good credit with everyone till this happened. If I can find another internet provider I will switch.I will not recommend to anyone now. They are ripping off customers a lot by doing this.
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Re: LIED to from xfinity

Hello 54l. We certainly value your business and don't want to see you go. I can help review your billing rates and the additional charges added to your billing statement. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you.