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Issues with the hotspots

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Issues with the hotspots

I have used the Wi-Fi on demand several times from my home and I finally purchased a month pass that began on December 24, 2017. I haven't been able to connect to the Wi-Fi. When it connects it sporty at best and cannot be be relied on. So that probably sums up any further business I do with Xfinity/Comcast because when I contacted customer service I had explained that I had done all of the trouble shooting and the representative lead me through a restart on my laptop which produced a brief moment of Wi-Fi access and had disconnected before we ended the phone call. It has been a total waste of $54.
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Re: Issues with the hotspots


Hi Heidop47, I apologize for the experience you're having with the WiFi pass. In order to get this resolved, please reach out to our Wi-Fi On Demand Team at 1-866-489-0919. They are available 24/7 and will be able to reset your pass. Sorry for the inconvenience.