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Issue with Comcast service for Xfinity

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Issue with Comcast service for Xfinity

I am completely dissatisfied with my Comcast tv account.  We just switched over from DirecTV and have had nothing but issues.  Please refer to my account to see all of the phone calls we have had to have with your agents over the last 5-6 weeks.
I am writing this because we have been on the phone with technical support repeatedly about the XID DVR box that we initially received and wanted to replace with the XG1 DVR box.  This had been our initial request but, as per your usual, that is not what was sent with the original installer.  We have been trying to receive the XG1 box and we have received two XI6-A boxes within the last week!
Because your shipping department was unable to correctly send the appropriate DVR box, we called and spoke with someone on Friday of this past week to again complain about receiving the 2nd wrong box through the mail/UPS/etc.  We requested a technician to come out and bring the new DVR with him and install it.  We were told there would be a charge and my husband, Roger Mickelson, told them we would not pay for a technician.  We were advised there would not be a charge and this was noted on the account.  We confirmed this call was being recorded in case we needed proof that this would not be charged.  
Technician arrived and he did not have the instruction for the XG1 DVR on his work order.  Luckily, he had them in his van.  When he tried to install, he needed the all IP account changed to a dvr account.  His team told him that Roger would need to call customer service to get them to authorize the installation.  The agent we finally spoke with stated that he couldn't do anything to an open service call, it would have to be closed and the service technician would have to call his team to handle the changes.  At that point, the frustration level as to how inept your customer service is was at an all time high and we requested a supervisor, Jason.  Jason explained that the technician could install the DVR and all that had to be done was the technician's support would have to change the account from all IP to a DVR account.  Please read the first sentence of this paragraph.  This is what was initially asked for by the technician. What is going on within your customer service group?  This is appalling!
I hope you will not be blowing off my complaint and will possibly address some of your recurring issues!  Just note that the intent is that we are not paying for the service call and this was agreed to with the agent we spoke with on Friday of this past week.  

Re: Issue with Comcast service for Xfinity

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