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Is their an outage in the 93648 area ?

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Is their an outage in the 93648 area ?

my internet modem is showing not connected and two of my tv boxes are either not connected or don't have a green light.


my internet has been wonky all day.


It's not my connection I've checked the main boxes everything is within spec with either the modem and tv connections.


a tech has come 3 times in the past five months and have said everything is okay


so I just wanna know if there's an outage? and when will service be back?


speed test is showing slower than normal speed upload speed is too a crawl I know for a fact it's not my connection rather than an outage problem by comcast what happened in october there was an outage and I know there's one again I just wanna know when services will be fully runing.


I know for a fact it's not my connection. it's been rainy all day but I don't expect weather to effect my connection since this isn't direct tv.


Re: Is their an outage in the 93648 area ?

If you have alternative internet access you can check for outages here:


View Outage Information with XFINITY My Account App

Download the XFINITY My Account app for Apple devices from iTunes
Download the XFINITY My Account app for Android devices from Google Play


    1. Log in to the XFINITY My Account app.


    1. If an outage has been detected, the app will display a message as soon as you log in.
      On the app's screen, a message reads "TV Outage Reported, Estimated resolution time: 5 PM."


    1. Tap the outage information to check the area again or to learn more.
      The screen offers the option to choose Refresh Status or Outage Details.

      The Outage Details screen says "Internet Outage: We should have this fixed by 5pm today."

      The Outage Details screen describes two Internet outages that are going on simultaneously and provides an estimated time of repair for each outage.

View Local Outage Information on

    1. Access My Account online from a mobile device.

    1. Tap Connection Status.

    1. Sign in.

    1. Your device will display information about your connection status.

If you've registered your mobile phone number to receive text alerts, you can also text OUT to 266278 (COMCST).


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Re: Is their an outage in the 93648 area ?

I saved that page. thanks

but everything is working fine I called 1800 comcast and they did a reset on my modem  after a few mins everything worked better.

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Re: Is their an outage in the 93648 area ?

Thank you Pharrell for this update, if you need any further help going forward please reach out to us, we are always here to assist. Have a great night.