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Is it possible for Service to be worse?

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Is it possible for Service to be worse?

I don't think so.

Our cable service has been going in & out all day - AGAIN.  THis happens regularly.  Three times today tried calling, and all 3 times same thing happened. We are asked to speak to a Rep but wait time is almost 2 hours.  So we ask for a call back.  All tree times we Pressed 1 as instructed, and each call we got a message saying we exceeded the allowed number of tries, so we need to wait on hold for almost 2 hours.     


ALSO - Comcast was here a few weeks ago to bury cable that was just lying loose on the ground over a construction site. So it was buried inside our yard away from the construction site. For some reason, a few days later, a comcast truck came by & unburied the cable & just let it lie loose on the construction site.  No idea why. So I called comcast & they said someone would be out next week to rebury the cable off the construction site. THat was 4 weeks ago - still waiting.