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Ipad deal

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Ipad deal

So this morning I got an email from Xfitinty to go to to get an ipad for $5.

I used my phone to do it, signed in, the order timed out. 

Tried it on my desktop, signed in, it said I need help completing my order and to call comcast.  I did, no one knows what I'm talking about and says they don't know of such promotions. 

Any ideas? I'd like to jump on this deal before it expires in two or so days.

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Re: Ipad deal

Hello Subliminal87. I can assist in reviewing your account for this promotion availability. Please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can access your account. 

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Re: Ipad deal

I have had the same problem I got the email and tried to add the offer but it told me to call and no one knows anything about it. In the email it says Offer ends 3/21/2018 and on the website it says 12-29-2017. I have been calling since before the 12-29-17 and have had no help