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Interuption of Service on Masters Weekend

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Interuption of Service on Masters Weekend

On Wednesday, April 4, 2018 I turned my X1 box on to watch The Masters live coverage and received a message regarding setting up my channel lineup.  The tv had worked fine the night before.  A few minutes later the RDK-03005 error message appeared.  I usded my mobile device to watch the Masters as it was my husbands day off and I didn't want to waste time on the phone with Comcast.  The next morning, same error message.  I tried to reboot again, went into my account and used the two troubleshooting options offered, neither worked so sighed and called into Comcast.  I explained the TV issue and mentioned that for roughly two months I was experiencing continuous dropping of internet signal.  I shared thatI  am in the process of selling and buying a house so time has been at a premium and frankly I just put up with it, but when it means I can't watch the Masters, its time to be looked into it.  He said he understood and starting running diagnostics.  He could see that the issue wasn't with my equipment but the line into the house, he said that I was experiencing "packetloss", could see that it was interferring in the internet and had finally impacted my TV.    He was very polite and tried to be helpful and he was by moving me over to the tier two support. Tier two support backed up the first gentleman and said that they issue was with the line and that they would have to send a technician to remedy it.  He arrived today JB21393662 spent just over 2 hours trying to troubleshoot the interior equipment, ultimately ran a new temp line and informed me that I would continue experience spotty internet and no tv until a tech could come out in, wait for it, 2 to 3 days from now to replace the line and then another 2 to 3 days to bury the line.  My issue is this.  Tier two tech support was clear with me that was what needed to be done in the first place.  My time and the tech's time who came today was completely wasted.  Moreover, I don't get to watch the 2018  Masters tournament on my 55" tv.  I find this unexectable. If you have tech support that knows the issue is with the line, then trust then and don't waste a tech's time and income, chasing an unsolveable problem.  Very disapointed 


Re: Interuption of Service on Masters Weekend

Hi nodownload -- I can clear up what happened with your tech job. To clear this up, both the agents you spoke with and the tech handled this exactly right. The tech support agents saw there was a problem with your line and scheduled a tech, as was the proper step for this issue. The tech also handled his part properly. The line he replaced was a main line. He can only run a temp main line. He has to have our maintenance team come out to run a permanent one. I fully understand the frustration with not being able to watch The Masters on your TV, however, this situation was handled properly. Has this line been replaced and buried yet?