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Internet so bad we are quitting service soon

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Internet so bad we are quitting service soon

For three years we have put up with the internet working for a few weeks then not working for a week or so. We put up with about 2 years of the internet service being turned off like clockwork every Friday evening until early Monday morning. Now for the past three months, we have mostly had NO INTERNET SERVICE AT ALL.


NO streaming videos, no games, no downloading anything. If all you want to do is read a few web pages and are will to wait minutes for them to load, it isn't too bad.


Nobody has even been able to watch a low res youtube video without constant buffering every few seconds. Speed tests show latencies in the thousands of milliseconds and download speeds that are slower than an analog modem.

We have upgraded the modem and it makes no difference.


The only reason we still have Comcast is that we might move soon and when we do we will switch to AT & T. We were going to keep Comcast until then but the service is so bad that we are thinking about just getting rid of it now.

3 years of terrible service at a ridiculously high price.


Re: Internet so bad we are quitting service soon

There is no reason to put up with substandard service. Why would you do that for three years? Have you had a tech visit? What did they tell you? You can do some troubleshooting on your own. Start here:


Post your signal levels and equipment details and we'll help you out. 

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