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Internet Performance Has *Visibly* Decreased

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Internet Performance Has *Visibly* Decreased

Since I started my internet service a couple months ago, I have had consistent performance.  However, since net neutrality has been struck down, I have started to notice VISIBLE performance decreases in my Performance+ 55 service.


Your "speed" tool consistently reports top download speeds; however, sites (ANY sites) that used to load almost instantly now take 5-10 seconds for my browsers to even make first contact and get a response at all.


Let's get something straight right now.


I am PAYING for the 55MBit plan, and I had better be GETTING 55MBit of THROUGHPUT for every capable sight I visit.  I don't mean 55MBit just FROM YOU.  I mean FROM END POINT TO END POINT, you had BETTER NOT be holding up my content on your servers on purpose just because you can.  If you are doing so, you are robbing me and not providing me the service I PAID FOR.


I warned you I would cancel this service if you tampered with my data throughput.  Continue to give me such a good reason to do so, and I assure you I will.


Re: Internet Performance Has *Visibly* Decreased

Comcast is not throttling you and your issues have nothing to do with net neutrality.  Your issue lies elsewhere. 


Start here:


If you would like to post equipment details and signal levels we'll help you get your speeds back up to par. 


I am not an employee.