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Internet Only Plan



I would like to find an internet only plan as I don't watch TV anymore and would like to save some money. When I look at available offerings on my account, all of the internet plans inlcuded TV. 

Why should I have to pay for a service I don't intend to use?

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Re: Internet Only Plan

Hi . .  don't bother with the online available offers, most if not all are designated "new residential customers"  in the fine print,  (see two clickable items under the listed price).


Sooo ,   in your online MyAccount in the Billing page on the right side column, select  the item that says something to the effect,  Services & Rates for your area.   That will open the "Services & Pricing" document for your area, also called the "Rate Card". 

The internet only service tiers & prices are listed near the bottom of that document.

The download speeds for each aren't shown, so you'll have to ask Comcast.