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Internet Cap

I have a family of 5, each with xbox, laptop, and cellphone. Last month we went over. Here is my problem:

At my pro boost tier, 250Mbps, thats 66 hours of high speed data.
That doesn't seem like enough.

With that in mind, if you figure that I buy 3 games a month, digitally, play online, hd netflix, vudu movie rentals, and sling, plus pandora, 4 kids surfing the web for school, netflix, and their gaming devices, plus cellphones, and all with 66 hours of "high speed internet".

Now factoring an average of an hour a day alotted for internet each person, I would clearly go over in a week.

My solution is, for higher tiers, or people with families, in this digital age, either change this cap, or do away with it.

Why offer faster internet, if you aren't going to adjust the cap? It just means people that pay more, will ultimately use their service faster. And with customers providing wifi hotspots, so Xfinity can advertise a "get service wherever" sales pitch, it seems we are paying to help you, help yourselves, to charge us overages.

Doesn't seem right, does it?