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Intermittent internet connectivity issue

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Intermittent internet connectivity issue

Hello all
For the last few months we have been experiencing inconsistent internet speeds. When I say inconsistent it is a drastically large change at random. We have had about 6 service calls with multiple different techs and the issue has not been figure out yet. What happens is the internet download speed will be at 75mbps and then drop to .5mbps at random times throughout the day. The issue is mirrored on the upload side and happens wether wired direct to modem through WiFi or router. We have completely swapped hardware multiple times inside the home and the feed wire from the node connection outside has been replaced.
During the last visit the tech and myself discovered voltage on the coax cable within the home(not coming from the feed cable). We removed the trouble hardware and had it fixed. Now we are getting voltage off of the Comcast box (that was replaced already and from the internet modem). This whole issue started after a series of storms rolled through our area a few months back and caused some pretty extensive damage around our neighborhood.(as far as I know my house only experienced loss of power multiple times with no known damage)
The techs have checked the area node and no one else on our node has reported issues.

No one can figure it why our internet service had no issues for three years up until about 3 months ago. May was well not have internet at this point because it is so unreliable. Any help and direction would be incredibly appreciated since our home internet is basically useless at this point.
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Re: Intermittent internet connectivity issue

Hi Radar211, apologies for your continuous issues you are experiencing, I can assist looking into your internet issue further and forward to the appropriate team accordingly. Please send me a private message with your account information (name on account, address and account number).


Thank you

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