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Initial internet setup, installation, and activation issues

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Initial internet setup, installation, and activation issues

I just got my cm500 modem today and went to go try it out to see if I could get my xfinity internet set up. I got the coax cable that that was by my tv stand and plugged it into the modem. I have been waiting for 4 hours troubleshooting and going through automated voice systems trying to get help but I have had zero luck from that. At one point I followed the coax cable and found that it didn't even go to the telephone pole but instead went to the satellite dish so I assumed that was purely for the DISH Hopper we have. I then checked the telecommunications networking box and that was the one that we previously used for DSL internet and that was the only networking cable I could see that went to the telephone pole. Before I ordered the service I previously chatted with a comcast support person on the website and asked how I could check to see if my house was good for installation without new cables needed, and he said that since the self-installation options was avaliable that mean my house was cable ready, I just learned however that Xfinity is a cable ISP and the DSL connection does not work at all. So now I honestly have no idea what to do because I just spent 60 dollars on a modem that I can hopefully return within a week or maybe 30 days or something, and I'm hoping that the Xfinity service order fee of 50 dollars can be refunded in case this doesn't work out since no service has been activated. If anyone at all has any advice I'd be happy to hear it, and if it is a solution that cannot be fixed without wires being put in or more money spent I'd rather just get my refunds and go with another ISP.

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Re: Initial internet setup, installation, and activation issues

Hello jacglenn1983. We appreciate you visiting and posting on our Forums.
Apologies for our delay in getting to you. If still needed, I can assist with reviewing your account and scheduling a technician visit to connect the lines outside your home, which should give you an active outlet to plug your modem into. Please send me a private message and include your full name so I can assist you. 

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