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Inernet only


This is not a complain .But is a inconvenience. Let me explain the fact :

Customer Service Care can`t answer that. Ispoke to them , but they are limited in what info or service can offer us.

I want to start a new service .Just the Internet service without Tv service.I`ve started with Comcast 5 years ago.I paid in last 3 years more than I should , for something that I never used. The TV. I need only the Internet.The plan is there on the XFinity page 2018, but the agents cant give us any new service under the excuse of " not a New Customer" or , you do not qualify , or the most unfair explanation...named "Downgrading" .I did something wrong? What should I do  ?

I asked for a HeadQuarters phone or a web link for the top of the line office , also not in their ability to provide. 

My question is ... If I quit this actual service and I go to a new provider and after a time I come back,... than they will consider me a new customer ? We  have to do that ? They realy have to lose a customer and money for one year  or more ?....... Hmmm. Its this a realy good  bussiness strategy? Can anyone from your main office anser this question?

I just want to pay for what I use, so I consider that honest, right and fair for everybody.