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Incorrectly billed for non existing Comcast modem

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Incorrectly billed for non existing Comcast modem

I signed up with Comcast in 2013 after moving. I brought my own modem with me that I'd previously used with Roadrunner. My original copy of the 2013 installation work order has "CUSTOMER OWNED MODEM" printed at the top.


Beginning last November I have had series of letters and texts stating I would now be charged for using Comcast equipment. I have had (4) discussions with Comcast reps. I have read off the MAC code on my modem and it was agreed it was my own. 2 weeks ago I purchased a new modem, chatted with a rep and registered it with Comcast. The next day I received a text message stating my bill would be increasing $11 for using "Comcast equipment".

My current bill now shows $30 worth of "equipment charges" that I will NOT pay. 

8 days ago my issue was escalated (45492743) and I have heard nothing from Comcast.


Can anybody help me with this!?

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Re: Incorrectly billed for non existing Comcast modem

Hi ronsking, apologies for your experiences. I can help review this further for you and send it to the right team to get this reversed accordingly.  Please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number). 


Thank you