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Inability to View Premium Channel

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Inability to View Premium Channel

Your cable cost is expensive and when I choose a premium channel, it's because I expect to get it

when I need it. On 9/2/2019 I set out to enjoy my holiday by watching Channel 66, the Yes Channel to see my team play a baseball game and I couldn't. That's unacceptable at the prices you charge for this service. I shouldn't have to tell you to reduce my bill because of this poor service.


Secondly, before Digital TV, the analog receptions had a problem with the volume going up when a

commercial started to play and then reduced to its previous decibel level. We were told that once Digtal TV replaced the Analog TV, that problem with the audio going crazy when commercials start to play would be eliminated because you would have more control! Well, that's not true, even though you do have "smarter" modems and control boxes. My friends who have Satellite TV don't seem to have this problem. Let's get rid of this ear popper!