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I want a comcast representative to contact me

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I want a comcast representative to contact me

Comcast has had connection issues on my street.  Daily I have been disconnected sometimes multiple times.  Speeds are not what I am paying for ... for WEEKS now.   Technitians that I find parked on side of road has admitted it. 


You have blocked us from calling comcast and speaking with anyone.

Even if you try to cancel, you still do not speak to anyone.

I have to come to a forum just to spill my billing issues or technical issues for everyone to see....just so a comcast rep can reply to my forum post and THEN I can supposedly CHAT with someone... but of course if I do not have internet hows that gonna work well?

I want a credit on my bill for a month of disconnections in the middle of the day and not a single person to speak to about it.