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I lose TV and internet every night - Xfinity unable to solve it

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I lose TV and internet every night - Xfinity unable to solve it

My cable service has been going out every night (TV and Internet) for 3 weeks. I go through the modem and cable box reset routine every night. Sometimes the outage is 5 minutes, sometimes is more than one hour.

I call Xfinity, go through the normal troubleshooting again with them and eventually the TV and internet comes back. 

Xfinity has sent technicians to my house 3 times and they do not find a problem. Usually, when they are here, everything is working. 

Signals levels and error counts start going way up just before I lose connections on both TV and internet. One of the technicians said the signal level coming into my house was too high and that he was going to open a ticket to have the amplifiers in the street balanced. I have no way of knowing if he called it in or not. The issue continues.

I called Xfinity again today and they are sending the technician again to my house. I believe they are wasting time because they been here 3 times and did not find anything. I think the problem is in the equipment in the street somewhere.

Does anybody have a suggestion on how I can get Xfinity to troubleshoot this a little better or get to a higher support tier? I tried asking for a supervisor to no avail. 




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Re: I lose TV and internet every night - Xfinity unable to solve it

Same here. Tech was out last week and again this morning. It works for a bit then goes out. Tonight, they were unable to get it restarted.
They also told have a tech available until Saturday so hopefully, then I’ll be able to answer the solution.
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Re: I lose TV and internet every night - Xfinity unable to solve it

An Xfinity supervisor came along with the technician to the house in the 4th visit.

I guess he used his brains an realized that the problem had to be elsewhere if the previous techs could not find anything wrong inside my house. They did some troubleshooting and found out the problem was in the amplifier a couple of houses away from mine. Apparently, they did not know that my neighbors were also complaining about the same issue. If they did, they would not be looking for the issue inside my house. 

Anyway, they replaced the amplifier and the problem was fixed, After almost 4 weeks of aggravation, the problem was fixed and both TV and internet work well.

To add insult to injury, Xfinity billed for the tech visit, which they can do if the problem was inside my house an not on their equipment. This took another unpleasant and long interaction with Xfinity "WONDERFUL" customer service.