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I finally found an honest Comcast Rep- written by Lori

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I finally found an honest Comcast Rep- written by Lori

Kunal went over and bounden to help me. He walked me through my problem. He explained more than once why this happened. Treated me with superb respect and patience. I am disabled and I have called multiple time to reduce my package cost, Kunal with me to get me into a package I could afford . I have not had positives experiences with Comcast reps in over 2 years. This is the first time I can honestly say and post that I Comcast has a rep that is honest and helpful. I kept doubting what he said ( due to past experience) Kunal took no offence. He kept apologizing for things that happened that had nothing to do with him, Kunal actually WANTED to help me , sincerely wanted to help me. This experience is new for me. In the past I have been misled with packages and pricing, misled saying I was not locked into 2 yr contract, misled saying my package would not increase. I have been a customer over 30 years- starting when this company was Media-One

I cannot say enough about Kunal's service, respect, honesty. I cannot believe I was so lucky for the first time in years to get someone who actually cared about my concerns and needs.

If Comcast was smart- they would move Kunal up the corporate ladder as he save Comcast a customer today. He knowledge of product, policy and procedure should be taught to all reps.

I still believe is over priced and ROKU can offer the same services for alot less but that is something Kunal cannot control

Thank you again Kunal for all you did for me, caring that I was disabled with no income, WANTING to help me. You deserve better and I hope Comcast recognizes you. I will post this experience on YELP and the forum only mentioning Kunals name because I do not think Comcast past interactions should be forgiven for all the other things other reps did to me. I want people to know I finally found an honest and caring rep and that does not mean Comcast is now an honest company. It means I found an honest rep.

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